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Payment Features

Card Tokenization

This Card Transaction Tokenization integration requires compliance approval before it can be used.

Tokenization Request

Endpoint: /s2s/v2/transaction/tokenized-card-charge
Method: POST


Param Type Required? Decription
authorization string Yes Set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY
content-type string Yes Set value to application/json

Body Param

Param Type Required? Decription
token string Yes customer card generated token.
currency string Yes payment currency
amount string Yes Payment Amount
email string Yes Customer email address
firstName string Yes Customer firstname
lastName string Yes Customer lastname
reference string Yes Unique case sensitive transaction reference. Only -,_,., =and alphanumeric characters allowed.

Sample Post

                                curl https://api.budpay.com/api/s2s/v2/transaction/tokenized-card-charge
                                -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
                                -H "Content-Type: application/json"
                                -d '{
                                        "token": "bud-tkn-xvqjqszdh5id50ye39kxr26v",
                                        "currency": "NGN",
                                        "amount": "55",
                                        "email": "azed@budpay.com",
                                        "firstName": "Azeez",
                                        "lastName": "Oluwafemi",
                                        "reference": "AZEDTOKENTR000000019"
                                -X POST

Sample Response

                                "status": true,
                                "message": "Payment Successful"

Proceed and Verify Transactipn

Call verify endpoint which has been updated to add card details (with card token if available) HERE

Expected Verification Response Sample

                                "status": true,
                                "message": "Verification successful",
                                "data": {
                                    "amount": "55",
                                    "currency": "NGN",
                                    "status": "success",
                                    "transaction_date": "2023-07-18 20:00:33",
                                    "reference": "AZEDTOKENTR000000019",
                                    "domain": "live",
                                    "gateway_response": null,
                                    "channel": "card",
                                    "ip_address": null,
                                    "originator_name": "",
                                    "originator_account_number": "",
                                    "fees": "0.77",
                                    "plan": null,
                                    "requested_amount": "55"
                                "customer": {
                                    "id": 831414,
                                    "customer_code": "CUS_1320g0eoqxo7",
                                    "first_name": null,
                                    "last_name": null,
                                    "email": "azed@budpay.com"
                                "card": {
                                    "first6Digits": "523046",
                                    "last4Digits": "0809",
                                    "expiry": "0225",
                                    "type": "MASTERCARD",
                                    "token": null
                                "log": {
                                    "time_spent": null,
                                    "attempts": null,
                                    "authentication": null,
                                    "errors": 1,
                                    "success": true,
                                    "channel": "card",
                                    "history": [
                                            "id": 1214627,
                                            "reference": "AZEDTOKENTR000000019",
                                            "type": "TRANSACTION RECORDED",
                                            "message": "success",
                                            "channel": "S2S",
                                            "ip_address": "",
                                            "device": "PostmanRuntime/7.32.3"