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Accept Payment

Server to Server

The Transactions API allows you create and manage payments on your integration.
This Server 2 Server Version 1 is for NGN transaction only. To use other currencies, kindly use Version 2

  • Encrypt your Card (Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV and PIN) with
  • Pass your secret key as the Bearer token in Authorization Header.

Card Encryption

Card Encryption: perform aes-128-cbc encryption on your card payload using your pub_key and reference
To generate a test card encryption, kindly use our test encryption endpoint below
NOTE:The purpose of this endpoint is to test if your encryption from your codebase is correct or not. It is not safe to send live card details without encrypting your card. You are adviced to perform live encryption in your codebase in order to secure your card details.

Endpoint: /test/encryption
Method: POST


Param Type Required? Decription
authorization string Yes Set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY
content-type string Yes Set value to application/json

Card Encryption Payload

                                    "data" :{
                                        "number": "5123450000000008",
                                        "expiryMonth": "10",
                                        "expiryYear": "22",
                                        "cvv" : "100",
                                        "pin" : "1234" // (optional - only required for verve/local cards)
                                    "reference": "1253627873656276350"

Card Encryption Output

                                    "card" :"83fa6763bb31bae36a74f787ab814514aeede91fcdb311fd67609b414c5e5ea2751a47870c8717e71bcbc9c33287a3d6af9ffae8e2edbf2de1e2694384d699b020d31492637eef60d7a63f303798363a"

Initialize Transaction (S2S)

Initialize a transaction from your backend.
You are required to parse your card encryption output as card parameter in your Transaction Initialize payload.

Endpoint: /transaction/initialize
Method: POST


Param Type Required? Decription
authorization string Yes Set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY
content-type string Yes Set value to application/json

Sample Post

                                curl https://api.budpay.com/api/s2s/transaction/initialize
                                -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
                                -H "Content-Type: application/json"
                                -d '{ "amount": "100", "card" :"83fa6763bb31bae36a74f787ab814514aeede91fcdb311fd67609b414c5e5ea2751a47870c8717e71bcbc9c33287a3d6af9ffae8e2edbf2de1e2694384d699b020d31492637eef60d7a63f303798363a", "currency": "USD", "email": "test@email.com", "reference": "1253627873656276350" }'
                                -X POST

Sample Post (Json version)

                                "amount": "2",
                                "card": "83fa6763bb31bae36a74f787ab814514aeede91fcdb311fd67609b414c5e5ea2751a47870c8717e71bcbc9c33287a3d6af9ffae8e2edbf2de1e2694384d699b020d31492637eef60d7a63f303798363a",
                                "currency": "NGN",
                                "email": "test@email.com",
                                "pin" : "1234",
                                "reference": "123253627873blsample29NEvccZzzl"


Request Body Params

This explains what parameters are required and which are optional base on the Card Type

Param Type Mastercard Visa Verve Decription
amount string Required Required Required payment value
card string Required Required Required the output from your card encryption
callback string Required Required Required your callback url
currency string Required Required Required your transaction currency i.e NGN
email string Required Required Required customer email
pin string Not Required Required Required card pin
reference string Required Required Required a unique identifier

For Mastercard and Visa card transaction, you will get the next step response (3DS2), while Verve card transaction will take you to the final response (Payment Successful).

3DS2 Sample Response

                                    "status": true,
                                    "message": "Proceed authentication 3DS2",
                                    "data": "<div id=\"initiate3dsSimpleRedirect\" xmlns=\"http://www.w3.org/1999/html\"> <iframe id=\"methodFrame\" name=\"methodFrame\" height=\"100\" width=\"200\" > </iframe> <form id =\"initiate3dsSimpleRedirectForm\" method=\"POST\" action=\"https://secure-acs2ui-b1.wibmo.com/v1/acs/services/threeDSMethod/8528?cardType=M\" target=\"methodFrame\"> <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"threeDSMethodData\" value=\"eyJ0aHJlZURTTWV0aG9kTm90aWZpY2F0aW9uVVJMIjoiaHR0cHM6Ly9ldS5nYXRld2F5Lm1hc3RlcmNhcmQuY29tL2NhbGxiYWNrSW50ZXJmYWNlL2dhdGV3YXkvOGFkZGRiNzE1MTQwMjk2OWMxMmI1Y2QzNjBhOTdmYTdiZTE1ZWU1NWZiZDEwZTE5MmI3ZDIwNDcxNmQxYTVlNSIsInRocmVlRFNTZXJ2ZXJUcmFuc0lEIjoiZjgxNGM3YWMtMmRiOS00Nzg1LThhMjYtYjA2NjZlYTBjMGVkIn0=\" /> </form> <script id=\"initiate-authentication-script\"> var e=document.getElementById(\"initiate3dsSimpleRedirectForm\"); if (e) { e.submit(); if (e.parentNode !== null) { e.parentNode.removeChild(e); } } </script> </div>",
                                    "_links": {
                                        "url": "http://api.budpay.com/api/mastercard-payment/3ds2auth",
                                        "method": "POST",
                                        "payload": [

You are required to open the 3DS2 Response data html in a hidden page to run in background for 20 seconds and then hit the _links endpoint in the response to proceed. After that you will get the Final Response.

Note: You will receive 3DS2 response for cards that support 3DS2. If not, you will get the Final Response instead.

Final Sample Response (Matercard & Visa)

                                    "status": "success",
                                    "message": "Approved or Captured"


Param Type Required? Decription
email string Yes Customer email address
amount string Yes Amount you are debiting customer. Do not pass this if creating subscriptions.
card string Yes Encrypted Card output from card encryption.
currency string no Currency charge should be performed in. Allowed values are: NGN, USD or GBP It defaults to your integration currency. Default currency set to NGN when currency parameter is not set
reference string Yes Unique case sensitive transaction reference. Only -,_,., =and alphanumeric characters allowed.

3DS2 Flow Diagram

Final Sample Response (Verve Card)

                                    "status": true,
                                    "message": "Payment Successful"