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Accept Payment

Standard Checkout

The Transactions API allows you create and manage payments on your integration

Initialize Transaction (Redirect)

Initialize a transaction from your backend.

Endpoint: /transaction/initialize
Method: POST


Param Type Required? Decription
authorization string Yes Set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY
content-type string Yes Set value to application/json

Sample Post

                                curl https://api.budpay.com/api/v2/transaction/initialize
                                -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
                                -H "Content-Type: application/json"
                                -d '{ "email": "customer@email.com", "amount": "20000","callback":"youcallbackurl" }'
                                -X POST

Sample Response

                                    "status": true,
                                    "message": "Authorization URL created",
                                    "data": {
                                      "authorization_url": "https://www.budpay.com/checkout/wp5goiyvc1pt",
                                      "access_code": "wp5goiyvc1pt",
                                      "reference": "REF_61e469c330c2bc"


Param Type Required? Decription
email string Yes Customer email address
amount string Yes Amount you are debiting customer. Do not pass this if creating subscriptions.
currency string no Currency charge should be performed in. Allowed values are: NGN, USD or GBP It defaults to your integration currency. Default currency set to NGN when currency parameter is not set
reference string No Unique case sensitive transaction reference. Only -,_,., =and alphanumeric characters allowed. If you do not pass this parameter, Budpay will generate a unique reference for you.
callback string No Function that runs when payment is successful. This should ideally be a script that uses the verify endpoint on the Budpay API to check the status of the transaction.