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Error Responses

Incomplete request

This is when you have not provided a complete all parameters expected in a request payload.

Invalid Merchant Authorization

This is when you have provided a wrong authroization key and we are unable to verify your request source.

Invalid or Unauthorized Merchant Currency Set

This is when you are trying to perform a transaction with a currency you are not authorized on or not enabled for your account type.

Invalid Signature. Intrusion detected. Failed [A.A.E.101]

This is when you are sending an invalid encryption or signing your encryption using a wrong key, or not parsing the required encryption at all.

Reference already existed

Every transaction on your integration in a domain must have a unique refrence. You will get this message if you attempt to start a new transaction with a reference that has already been used.

Unable to Process this Transaction at the moment, Try again later

This is when we are unable to fufil your request at the moment of request. This could be an issue from a partner service or from our end.

Service currently not available

This is when a provider service is down and unable to process or complete your request.

Account does not exist

This is when the merchant business does not have the specified currency enabled. You are required to contact support.

Response Codes

# Code Description
200 Request was successful and intended action was carried out. Note that we will always send a 200 if a charge or verify request was made. Do check the data object to know how the charge went (i.e. successful or failed).
400 A validation or client side error occurred and the request was not fulfilled
401 The request was not authorized. This can be triggered by passing an invalid secret key in the authorization header or the lack of one
404 Request could not be fulfilled as the requested resource does not exist.
500, 501, 502, 503, 504 Request could not be fulfilled due to an error on BudPay's end. This shouldn't happen so please report as soon as you encounter any instance of this.