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Verify Transaction

Verify Transaction with Reference number

Endpoint: /transaction/verify/:reference
Method: GET


Param Type Required? Decription
authorization string Yes Set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY

Path Param

Param Type Required? Decription
reference string Yes The transaction reference used to intiate the transaction

Sample Post

                                curl https://api.budpay.com/api/v2/transaction/verify/:reference
                                -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
                                -X GET

Sample Response

                                    "status": true,
                                    "message": "Verification successful",
                                    "data": {
                                        "amount": "20000",
                                        "currency": "NGN",
                                        "status": "pending",
                                        "transaction_date": null,
                                        "reference": "61e469c330c2bc",
                                        "domain": "test",
                                        "gateway_response": null,
                                        "channel": null,
                                        "ip_address": null,
                                        "log": {
                                            "time_spent": 0,
                                            "attempts": 0,
                                            "authentication": null,
                                            "errors": 0,
                                            "success": false,
                                            "channel": null,
                                            "history": [{
                                                "type": "input",
                                                "message": "Filled these fields: card number, card expiry, card cvv",
                                                "time": 7
                                                "type": "action",
                                                "message": "Attempted to pay",
                                                "time": 7
                                                "type": "success",
                                                "message": "Successfully paid",
                                                "time": 8
                                                "type": "close",
                                                "message": "Page closed",
                                                "time": 9
                                    "fees": null,
                                    "customer": {
                                        "id": 4,
                                        "customer_code": "CUS_ig2yjfnhtphlgt0",
                                        "first_name": null,
                                        "last_name": null,
                                        "email": "customer1@budpay.com"
                                    "plan": null,
                                    "requested_amount": "20000"