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Wallet Balance

Get Wallet balance by Currency

Sometimes you may like to now your wallet balanace before a transfer is initiated or for any other purpose.

Endpoint: /wallet_balance/{currency}
Method: GET


Param Type Required? Decription
authorization string Yes Set value to Bearer SECRET_KEY

Query Param

Param Type Required? Decription
currency string Yes Specify the currency of the transfer. e.g. NGN

Sample Post

                                curl https://api.budpay.com/api/v2/wallet_balance/{currency}
                                -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
                                -X GET

Sample Response

                                "success": true,
                                "message": "Wallet Balance Fetched Successfully",
                                "data": {
                                    "currency": "NGN",
                                    "balance": "2793.40555"